Welcome to the new Trifactri Website!

Hi Everyone, and welcome to our new chique Trifactri website. We would love for you to have a look around and register a profile in our members area. Trifactri has hundreds of athletes around the country and around the world and we would like to get to know you all better. Please write a little Bio about yourself in the members area with some info like, why did you start triathlon, what are your achievements, other hobbies and passions etc. You can follow your friends and their results.

We would also like to encourage you to make use of our Blog section, we have some great writers in this group and we would love you to share your stories. Have a look at our blog section and listen to the brilliant Trifactri podcasts by Garron. Lastly have a look at our results page to see the recent fantastic performances by the Trifactri athletes.

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