Family & Friends 

So today my wife threw me a ‘good luck and bon voyage’ party for my BIG race on the BIG Island of Hawaii.   I leave tomorrow and she pulled this together despite being away for the last week in Milan, Italy and arrived back 9am this morning.   

​I had those closest to me there and it made me realise how important friends and family are – not just in these times but for any time.  Life would simply be crap without them. 

​They are soooo important, it is beyond words.   Thank you for being here today and all the well wishes.

​The time and space Sharon, Axel & Tyler have given me to fulfil my triathlon dream cannot be expressed in words.  I owe them so much!   Sharon, you are the most incredible triathlon wife!  I mean that in all the best ways.  Your support and encouragement, often when I need it most, is simply incredible.  You know me so well.  To my dearest Axel and Tyler – you are part of the reason I do this – I hope to set an example and plant a seed somewhere about discipline, hard work, passion, enjoyment, exercise and just living life and making dreams come true.   You are both so different and yet so special which gives me strength in different moments.
To my mom, who has set the example I talk about in the previous paragraph – thank you.  You are amazing and your pride in your three boys inspires us to do what we all do with the best of our ability.

To all my friends and family that will be thinking of me over the next 2 weeks and especially race day – it is going to make the world of difference.  Ask anyone who has competed in an Iron Man – there are very dark places that the body and mind can go to during the course of the day.  I will be drawing strength from every fibre in my body.  THANK YOU to all of you in advance.
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