Packed and on my way

So the day of departure has arrived – I am not going to say ‘finally’ as it has suddenly come so quickly.  11 months ago I qualified and thought it would be aaaages till I actually go to Kona.  As always, in hindsight, it all went too fast.

With all the excitement (and stress) of getting ready for a trip literally to the other side of the globe, comes the dreaded bike packing.  This was made more interesting this morning when I struggled for over an hour trying to get my new BMC Time machine into my bike bag.  I have never packed it before and owning a ‘SUPERBIKE’ comes with its challenges.   

Anyway, with the help of my daughter we managed to get it all sorted and now lets hope it arrives safely in Kona and I remember how to get it all back together!
​Then there is the horrible goodbyes at the airport – leaving those that I would want most by the side of the road and at the finish line – Sharon, Axel & Tyler.   This time unfortunately that cannot happen.  I know I will ‘see’ you there and that will spur me on 1 step at a time.  You are my everything and I will never stop being thankful for this opportunity to live a dream from which I am certain will come a lifetime of memories.  My angels, I know it is hard that daddy is away for over 2 weeks, but I will make you proud and bring back the biggest medal of my triathlon ‘career’!
​Let the flights begin!
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