​Consistency in training 

So I am on the road travelling for work for 2 days again and last night I went to bed feeling terrible that I had eaten too much and not trained.  2 days no training is going to destroy my race.  NOT!  For those of us that have ‘normal’ lives – actually fitting the triathlon part of the life in there probably makes us abnormal , but we have jobs and families and other responsibilities so having some forced days off is part of preparing for a race – even at 16 days out from the biggest race of my life – Ironman Kona.
Make no mistake – I am a firm believer in routine and training consistency.   I generally train something every day of my life – its simply part of who I am.   A lot can be said for consistency and I watched an interview with Jan Frodeno the other day and he also talked about consistency.  Part of my strength in this sport is the fact that I have been going at it for 20 years now.

I read a paragraph recently: “What is the most important element of training?” Without a doubt consistent training is the most important aspect of athletic success and forward progress.  Even a poorly designed or random training program will produce results if followed consistently and training occurs regularly. In my experience, the athletes that are still performing well into their 40s, 50s, and beyond all have one thing in common: they’ve trained consistently over the years and rarely gave up ground.”

I am in that group of athletes well into there 40’s and my coach, Lucie Zelenkova, certainly does not give me a ‘random training program’ – so I am going to stick to this recipe of success for now – despite the 2 days no training.

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