​D-Day is getting close 


I cannot believe that just short of 11 months ago I qualified for Iron Man, Kona.  I thought that was a big build up and a huge crescendo – it was.    The build up to Kona however has been bigger than I could have imagined.  Everyone who knows anything about triathlon cannot help themselves from giving advice, stories of experiences, words of encouragement and admiration, and just simply passing on strength and well wishes.  It is an amazing thing to have experienced – and I consider myself extremely fortunate to be living this dream.

I have been to World Champs in the Olympic distance and Long distance and raced at Challenge Roth (voted many times over as the best triathlon in the world and probably most supported from a spectator number point of view), but still nothing compares to the attention one gets when telling a fellow triathlete  you are training for Kona, Hawaii.  It is only now that I am so close to actually doing to race that I realise how big it is and how people view this event.

I have promised myself that I am not going to let the occasion get the better of me – generally races don’t – I just get very excited and love the moment.  I am however going to “chase my own best” – words from our own Chad le Clos.

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