Triathlon like life 


​So with all the frustration around my knee injury and then my hamstring pain that have hindered my running since the beginning of the year and then getting flu twice in August – I have had my fair share of a mental & physical roller coaster in the lead up to Kona.  

​My coach Lucie, told me in her wisdom that triathlon is like life – it sometimes throws us unwanted or unplanned curveballs.   That’s no lie.  At a time when my cycling is stronger than ever and my swimming form feels great, I am probably in the worst running shape I have been in, in a couple of years.  A total of 250 km’s of running since I was allowed to start running again in May.  

Since the 31st August I haven’t been able to run and then on Friday this week I received the bad news from yet another specialist, this time Dr Jarrad Van Zuydam, that I have severe high hamstring tendinopathy.

​Something that can take months to heal.  The doctor will do what he can (shock treatment and platelet injections) in the 2 weeks before I leave.  No running until race day means that the 42km marathon will be a total mystery or maybe I should day ‘surprise’ on race day!    Disappointment – absolutely.

​I am however going to KONA, Hawaii to the Iron Man World Championships.  No one can take that away from me – I will be at the start line and I will finish to receive my medal – how long it will take for the marathon will be revealed on race day!  Bring it on!
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