Not sure what your view is on preparation but I prefer to leave nothing to chance.  Triathlon involves three sports and travelling literally to the other side of the globe requires some decent preparation.   Not much needed for the swim as it certainly won’t be wetsuit legal, and the run doesn’t require that much either (the new Nike Air Pegasus were purchased at the beginning of the year already), but with the bike we all know it’s not that easy.  

​Not that Hawaii is a third world country where finding bike spares or buying nutrition or clothes would be difficult, but in my case nothing is ever easy to get as nothing is ‘normal’ – size 14 shoes, XL bike frame etc.

​I have 27 days to go, only 15 days until I leave and only 4 weekend days which will enable me to get anything I still need.  So this week I have had my biked serviced, double and triple checked – thanks Justin from Swiss Cycles for all the support and help.  Before I leave I will still be putting on new tyres and new cleats on my scrubbed Shimano tri shoes (I’ll be using my road shoes for my last few rides before I leave) and of course ensuring that that everything is sparkly clean – that’s the German side of me.   
I have even managed to order a new nose piece all the way from Austria for my Red Bull racing glasses that have perished over the last couple of seasons.   The list of what I still need to get is also growing – some Future Life cereal and the Woolworths fruit and nut bars are on the top of this list.

I have been told to pack very little in terms of clothes – literally a couple of pairs of shorts, two or three T-shirts and slops and maybe a track suit for the flight over and back.  That leaves space for the edible items I mentioned above as they won’t be coming back with me.  They say Hawaii is HOT, HUMID and most importantly casual – the casual part I like!!  The rest is all the training and racing gear that I will need while I am there. 

​Apparently I need to leave plenty of room for all the Iron Man and promotional shirts and gear that I will be picking up at the famous expo.  Can’t wait to experience all the Iron Man madness!!

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