​Inside or outside

So what do you prefer – swimming in the local gym pool or getting out to a lake, dam or the ocean?   Admittedly the local gym pool is more accessible for most of us, unless you live right next to the ocean. Then there are the obvious differences like the water generally being cleaner in a pool and a black line directing you in the pool.  I would still have to say, that if you can get over the fear of swimming in open water – it is a far better experience.  If you are relatively swimming fit, the open water swim actually becomes therapeutic – I suppose there is something about being close to nature. 

Most open water swims will have some form of natural beauty surrounding you and what can be better than to have the sun on your face every time you turn to take a breath.   Ever tried swimming when it is raining – that adds a whole different perspective.  If its a heavy Highveld thunderstorm, then it can get abit scary as the drops splashing off the water mean you can see only 2-3 metres ahead of you.  However if its a light rain, it makes for an awesome experience.   Today I swam 3.8km’s at Cradle Moon Game farm (previously Heia Safari), and it ended my weekend and training week perfectly.

Triathlon is about experiences – my goal is to race as many different races as possible as each race brings something different.  Whether it’s the water, the bike course or the run course, every race can bring a new challenge or a never to be repeated experience. 

​Go out and enjoy what nature has to offer!

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