Amazing how a big goal like Iron Man Kona can create an emotional roller coaster.  As mentioned previously, I have had my fair share, in fact more than my fair share, of injuries during my build up and unfortunately the neural hamstring strain is not going away.  I envisaged having my biggest training week ever this week – around 24 hours.  That was thrown off course on Monday evening after a 10km run were my hamstring flared up to the point I could hardly walk on Tuesday morning.  

Tuesday night was a huge low point for me – I was ready to pack it all in and give up on the Kona dream.  I literally cried myself to sleep wondering if it has all been worth it.  In desperation I turned to something I have never tried – Chinese therapy:

A certain Dr Peter McKendry came recommended and I felt I was at the point were I was willing to try anything.   I will generally try most things in my life and if they work or are good then great – if not then I have learnt something.   Today was treatment number 2 and I managed a pretty hard bike session this evening – pain free.  Not that the hamstring bothers me on the bike but Tuesday morning was bad, even on the bike.  

​Another huge factor is support – I would say nearly impossible to do this completely solo – its too hard on mind and body.  Without my wife’s encouragement and her utmost belief that I can make this happen and my coach, Lucie, giving me advice based on experience, I wouldn’t get through this.  Lets see what tomorrow holds!

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