​Indoor Power

So people keep asking me how I manage to spend so many hours on my indoor trainer?  The answer is simple I suppose – time and results!  When it comes to my indoor trainer I have literally spent hundreds of hours in my ‘man cave’ , ‘torture chamber’, home gym – call it what you want.  It was even part of the plans of our brand new house that Sharon & I designed at Monaghan Farm.   It wasn’t me that pushed for the training room – Sharon said it must be part of the plans.  Thank you my darling!
So why time?  Because you cannot fit a good bike session on the road into 1 or 1 1/2 hours as you can on an indoor trainer.   So why results?  When training on an indoor trainer the measurement of the workout is much easier.  I am by no means a triathlete that utilises technology very much, but maintaining a certain wattage for a certain amount of time is nearly impossible to do on the road.

How do I make the time pass on the trainer?  Honestly?   Focus and concentration – yes that is required!  Then there are training specific DVD’s – I have used the ‘Coach Troy Jacobson Spinervals’ DVD’s for many years.  They have dated but the workouts are hard and honest.  Watching old TdF DVD’s also works for me – watching Ullrich take on Armstrong never seems to make me bored.  My personal favourite dual of all – the 2003 TT where Ullrich beat Armstrong – go figure!  Then there is watching live sport of sport highlights!  Whatever floats your boat – but be ready to SUFFER if you want results.

So day 36 started with an indoor session.  4.30am on the bike and my view was this – pitch dark outside and the TV on channel 200.

​Then by 6am the view across Monaghan Farm looks like this – not a bad way to start the day!

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