KONA Countdown – 38 days to go


So I came back having qualified for Kona at 70.3 Xiamen, China and headed for an inguinal hernia operation.  Something I knew I had coming but told no one as that would have meant not going to China and having a chance to qualify for Kona.  Stupid – yes, but we do these things!!

4 weeks post the operation, 1st week of January 2017, I was back into training.  This was going to be the real start of my Kona journey.  In reality I have been on a very long triathlon journey for the past 20 years!  Well, that 8 month journey has been one of many highs and lows.  As my coach Lucie, put it – “it’s a thing called life!”  Smooth is not the way it goes, well for most of us anyway.

About 2 weeks back into training I got what was later diagnosed as ‘massive bruising’ of the femur.  Basically resulting in serious knee pain when running.  That meant only cycling and swimming and seeing what ended up being 9 different specialists, physiotherapists, biokinetisists, massage therapists, sports scientists, not to mention advice from every person who had ever had knee pain.  Many, many hours of rehab and specialised strength training and many thousands of rands later.  

​I have so many people to thank for their time and patience.  First and foremost my wife, Sharon, my coach, Lucie, Sports scientist and super amazing man, Neil DuPlessis, Dr Jon Patricios, physios Noelle & Sidisha, massage therapist Nico and a few others along the way.

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