With the recent launch of GARMIN’s latest Premium GPS running/triathlon watch, we asked Trifactri athlete and GARMIN Brand Ambassador Jade Nicole to give us a little insight to this incredible training device..
​​”23km of swimming, 300km of cycling and 80km of running in a week. This is the training load I log during a solid block in my program. The one piece of equipment I cannot go without and feel ‘lost without it’, is my Garmin technical device. I was one of the first athletes in the country to be given the new Garmin Forerunner 935 Triathlon/ Multisport watch.
All my training and racing gets downloaded onto Garmin express automatically and the new TrainingPeaks workout synchronization app, allows you to sync workouts from TrainingPeaks to your watch, which is a great new feature that I use.

Another feature that my F935 device allows me to do is access my cycling power meter metrics, which I use systematically while doing intervals and holding certain power zones/ watts. The F935 recognizes and tracks my resting heart rate. Resting heart rate is a great indicator to avoiding sickness, excessive fatigue and overtraining. I can then chat to my coach, plot and know what I have to adjust in training or recover appropriately. It’s easy to use during training modes, looks great and is super lite. Its functionality is the reason why it’s the best watch out there for competitive athletes.”Jade Nicole

Recently Trifactri were given the opportunity to give away one of these awesome Garmin Forerunner 935 devices to one of our athletes. 

Our lucky winner Ryno Van Wyk with Trifactri Head Coach Lucie Zelenkova and Garmin Brand Ambassador Jade Nicole

When it comes to getting the best out of a wearable device, Garmin have all the bases covered

The Teammate

​Standard in all our GPS running watches, Teammate key features include:

With built in GPS track how far, how fast and where you’ve run, just put your Forerunner on and go.

Track your steps, distance, calories burned and sleep for 24/7 monitoring. With move bar alerts to remind you when it’s time to move and personalised daily step goals.

Stay motivated with alerts that highlight when you’ve achieved a personal record – from one mile to a marathon.

Stay on top of things during your run with smart notifications. When paired with a compatible device, you can receive text, emails, call and calendar alerts and more, directly to your wrist.

Let friends and family track your activities in real time. A great way to give loved ones peace of mind while you’re training or to let them cheer you on race day. A connected mobile phone must be within range.

Go further, faster, harder and share your progress online. Garmin Connect, our free worldwide community with millions of active users, syncs
seamlessly with your Garmin running watch giving you everything you need to set yourself targets, monitor your progress and achieve your goals.

The Mentor

​All our Teammate features plus training and heart rate analysis. Key features include:

Design your workouts or get a free training plan on Garmin Connect, then upload it to your watch for real-time coaching on
pace, time and distance.

When used with a heart rate monitor, VO2 Max estimates the
maximum volume of oxygen you can consume per minute per kilogram of body weight at max performance. It’s a great way to
monitor your fitness level.

Provides a real-time assessment of your recovery in the first several minutes of a run.

Track and review the aerobic and anaerobic (v2.0 only) benefit of a training session in an easy to understand 5-point scale.

Choose from thousands of apps on the Connect IQ store to personalise your campatible Garmin wearable with customised watch faces, widgets and data fields. You can also download applications to make your Garmin watch even smarter.

The Expert

​All our Teammate and Mentor features plus detailed running
dynamics and activity profiles for swimming, cycling, triathlons. Key features include:

Race against a set pace with virtual partner or race against one of your previous activities with virtual racer.

A real-time assessment of pace and heart rate variability. A score of +10 means you’re ready to take on your challenge and you can expect your run to feel good.

Take away the guesswork and discover how fast you should be
running. Understand exactly when your fatigue is likely to start increasing at a quicker rate (for well trained runners, this threshold often occurs at roughly 90% of their maximum heart rate).

Gain all the intelligence you need to improve your running technique with these six metrics: stride length, cadence, ground contact time, ground contact balance, vertical oscillation and vertical ratio. A chestworn HRM-Run or Tri is needed to get these measurements.

Get the most out of your ride and swim workouts. Add bike power for detailed metrics5 or pair with HRM-Swim or HRM-Tri for heart rate analysis to review post swim.

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