​Durban 70.3 2017 

I entered this race for one goal ..okay maybe two and that was to get a slot for worlds 2018 in PE as well as dance somewhere on the podium, this was no secret to anyone who knows me or cared to listen.

I’m not very talented but I’m as stubborn as a goat.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard … and boy did I work hard.  Early Hours, Late nights, Long Weekends.  Day in and day out … all greens where I could help it. 

I had a year of consistent training through summer, into winter through another summer and right into the mouth of winter again, and I loved it.  My training partners take turns to keep me entertained, some in the pool, others on the run and a few keep me company on the bike, mostly they only enjoy having coffee with me as this is the only place I’m not competitive unless we make a race out of it.  Our East group all have fun training together, it’s always a jol and we are a very close knitted group, like siblings.  We are in harmony and our Leader …Desi always find fun ways to keep everyone interested and challenged, that alone is an art.  It is such a privilege to be part of Trifactri, Coach Luc’s spirit is what makes the group what it is, she is gentle, tough, hard, challenges you further than you think you can go and inspires every single athlete. Desi as you all know is a legend, behind her athletes lies a lot of hard work, motivation, picking up pieces of self-doubt, knitting together blankets or confidence and leading with a fearless invitation to challenge your deepest desire of greatness to come out to play.  The core of this Club, my coach, my training partners – you are all giants in my life.







Lucie spent a morning helping me with my swim after my heartbreaking swim in East Londen earlier this year… I managed to get 3 minutes off my time – I was thrilled.
The bike was much harder than I can remember from last year – probably because I did the full bike course this time 
The run … this is the essence of my race 

In the run you have to keep your head strong to finish this race, this is your last bit of competition:

you run for yourself, you run for your lover (Bokkie;-)
you run for your parents, your nieces, your siblings, 
you run for your fears, you run away from your monsters, 
you run from your demons and your run for your creator
you run to win, you run to lose yourself…
​you run to hurt and you run to heal

you run for your training partners, the ones who believe in you 
you run for your coach, the one who taught you to run and to love the run 
you run for your supporters waving and screaming every time you pass them
you run for all those tracking you at home and jumping as they see an update 
when you pass the timing mat… you confidently run over that mat knowing this. 
You run for those who are watching you run from above
Running becomes great when you are running with your giants


By the end of the race I heard that I was 4th … and I was really struggling to make peace with this news, I left my fellow athletes to greet my Bokkie, friends and family that came to support me, my disappointment with my news was very very visible and my heart was broken.  I got dressed, picked up my heart and decided to support the rest of our athletes coming in. 

Hours passed and it was time for Desi to go get her slot for worlds, I wasn’t going to miss this moment so I joined Desi and Kimmi.  I took my ID and credit card with me … well you never know. 
While I waited for Desi and Kimmi to arrive Lucie phoned me “Chickey …. Chickey… you came third”  She and Desi spent some time looking at the 3rd Girl’s bike times … and although I really feel this Girl’s pain for missing the loop, I was ecstatic to be placed third… and might get the opportunity to get a worlds slot. 

The slot allocation started, Desi got her slot – I was sooo happy with her, we both really wanted this.  There were two slots for my age group, number 1 wasn’t there, this MEANS that number two and three get slots – guessed who is third – ME !!!!!! I got a slot, in a matter of minutes my whole world turned around, I was third and I got a place in worlds.   This means I can now have my vein operation I planned and then heal and work towards a fantastic race in September 2018.  Timing is perfect.  The race was perfect and I appreciated this whole experience 100 times more than I would have being 1st second or third immediately.

​Humbling ​​

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