​Six years ago, I was living in Mozambique. I am missionary and I was making a project to suport 300 poor kids with food, medicine, school and sports. 
​I am atlete since 1992 with 32 marathons, 1 ironman and 1 Conrades in my curriculum. In 2011 I had a huge dissease, called Malaria and almost died. I stayed in coma for 16 days.

Therefore, god healed me but i still weak to do sports mainly long distances. I thought that i never would do a marathon or ironman again.

In january 2017 I decide to begin train again even knowing my limitations of health. Were 5 months and i was ready. Im finisher ironman 70.3 in Durban in 6js and 5 min and Im so happy.

I dont win the race but I earned a lot of new friends.

Thank you god.

​Thank you my new friends from Trifactri team.

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