“Your bum is too big”, an Ironman journey – by Werner Zietsmannn n n n 4/13/2017n nn n n n 0 Commentsn nn n It all started 4 years ago with my first triathlon 5150 Bela Bela. Ironman was never ever in my mind to do as I thought who can do a 3.8km swim, 180.2km bike and then run a marathon afterwards, this must only be for the pro’s. No normal human can go through this?​So I started with a few Olympic distance events not that I was good at all, battled probably the first 2 years to brake 3 hours on an Olympic distance. I eventually got the courage together to enter my first 70.3 East London. I could not do this by myself and who better to do my first one with, my wife. She was not keen at first but also agreed to enter  (well I just entered her and let her know afterwards).  So training was going on but not much to write home about. In December of 2015 I rode between Christmas and New year in the Cradle to get a few long rides in and I saw a group of people in pink and blue coming past me. Boy they flew and I pedaled so hard just to catch up with them and started to chat to a guy named Richard Gaugeler. We chatted from Lion and Rhino park to the first stretch on the caves rode where he had to do Intervals. But in that time he mentioned how awesome this group of people is and how they encourage one another and push each other to their limits.


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