Triathlon Training Camp, the encounters of a beginner triathlete – By Kish Chettynn n n n 2/27/2017n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n It was December 2016 when one of my best friends (and my personal trainer), Jade Nicole, finally convinced me that doing a triathlon would be a great new sporting challenge for me. I had just come off a fantastic field hockey season and I had made the decision to retire from high level competition, having been competing in hockey at all levels for just over 18 years. I was open to tackle new encounters that would test my body, mind and spirit in a different way. I figured triathlons would be an interesting ‘out of my comfort zone’ challenge to take on.Having known Jess Dignon from my hockey past, I contacted her and after our interview, I had joined Trifactri in their beginner training programme, with Jess as my coach. We discussed, that given my triathlon experience (0%), work, study and other sporting commitments, a sprint in May at Sun City would be an ideal race for my first triathlon. I was suddenly caught up in the hype of training, trying to hit the daily ‘greens’ on my Training Peaks account. After a further discussion with Jess and Lucie, I signed up for the training camp in Nelspruit, to further improve my fitness and skill base.


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