Eat/Sleep/Train/Repeat – By Dean Bronsnn n n n 2/22/2017n nn n n n 0 Commentsn nn n In 2015 it was decided that the Full Ironman was going to be on the cards for me again in 2017 with my first and last race being in 2014. To enter and compete, or rather complete the 2014 Ironman was done purely because a friend had taken part the year before and I figured ‘If he can do it I can do it’!Training for the event was pretty poor and we didn’t really have a plan going into it, I think my mountain biking and Trail running back ground was the only thing that saved me on the day, but I managed to complete the race and said the following year I would train and have a better race. It has taken a little longer than expected to get back to the big race.


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