​A newbies’ first month or so – By Johan Beenn n n n 2/21/2017n nn n n n 0 Commentsn nn n So there I was about a year ago.  I have done a few of these 70.3 and 5150 thingies and I was getting comfortable with the training regime and the lifestyle.  But, there was something missing.  I have previously chatted to some 70.3 and 5150 friends, and a few inspired me with their achievements.  Mostly, because they were of a slightly  “bigger frame” and “carried a teenager around” – much like me.   It has always been on my bucket list to do an ultra-type of sports event.  Comrades was even contemplated, but there is too much running involved.  With all of this is mind, I took the plunge and entered for the full in PE this year.  What an achievement??!!  Well I thought so, my bank manager not as much.  So after Durban 70.3 I started to train a bit harder- apparently full is a bit tougher than a 70.3.  I was with another coach and suddenly got to know what the hype is about Training peaks and Strava.  Unfortunately I had insight and got a lot of gossip from the Trifactri camp the whole time (Brother in law and his Kona buddies!!!).  I was continuously told about the excellent training and team spirit that I am missing.  It had to come to some point, and whilst I was being thrown with ice (instead of it being given to me) at Midlands, I realised that I am missing out – I needed to step up my training.


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