“A cup of tea with 2 sugars is sweet…!”, racing for two – By Desi Dickinsonnn n n n 2/16/2017n nn n n n 0 Commentsn nn n I was meeting my friend Vanessa for a drink at Huddle Park golf club when I read Helen’s post on FB. It was the 28th October last year, I had just vaguely recovered from Kona and like a typical addict I had to find a way to feed this triathlon monkey on my back. I remember thinking that this would be the perfect way to take a break without really taking a break…what a great plan! I could give something back to the sport without having the pressure of competing. So I responded to Helen, and after some back and forth we agreed to meet. Now let me just say I’m not sure what I expected; maybe a sweet, coy, partially sighted lady who has been waiting her whole life for me to guide her to her first Ironman finish…haha…but as Kim would say, “A cup of tea with 2 sugars is sweet…!” When I got home I said to Kim, “Yoh! This women is feisty!” To which she replied, “Oh, and you’re not?” Yes Helen is feisty, and why shouldn’t she be? She has fought many a battle in her life and she is a survivor.


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