Buffalo City 70.3 2017 – It’s a hanging bridge by Jeanne Kleu nn n n n 2/13/2017n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n The day I entered this race is the day my journey shifted a little bit.  I was reading so many reviews on the race and chatting to everyone that has done it, about this unknown mountain lying ahead. The more people painted their portraits of the race the more excited I became to be able to take part in this Buffalo of a race.I did what most competitive people would do and checked the times of the previous year’s podium finishers… and there it was – a little bit of a sparkle.  A gap in the time where I knew I could possibly hop in.​Immediately contacting Coach Desi that is always readily available with firstly…calming the little excited nervous athlete and then a short powerful message that reads “it’s doable”. Well it’s like getting your training peaks and looking at it with big eyes and thinking – if coach thinks I can do this then I better do this.


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