Age group ‘Pro’ – by André Piehlnn n n n 11/22/2016n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n ​I wrote a blog yesterday about how I LOVE racing – I do, more than anything.  Then last night I lay in bed thinking about everything I, as a triathlete, fit into my daily routine and I know this applies to most of you – no matter what your end goal is: finishing an Ironman, breaking a specific hour mark in the Ironman distance, completing your first triathlon – whatever it may be.  Most of us get up at ungodly hours when the majority of the population is still in ‘lala land’.  We fit in that early training session, get kids ready for school, give the ‘better half’ their share of love, fight traffic, work all day, fight traffic, do homework with kids, make dinner, clean around house, try make time for the ‘better half’, then often work again and then try get 6-7 hours sleep before it all starts again.


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