LOVE Racing – by André Piehlnn n n n 11/21/2016n nn n n n 0 Commentsn nn n ​This blog is not so much about the one race I have just completed – 70.3 Xiamen, China, but the thing that keeps me motivated from race to race and keeps that desire to compete alive – I simply LOVE racing!  Yes, and I won’t lie, I enjoy beating others I race against! I am a person who lives life from goal to goal – I set myself goals in my personal life, at work and in my sport, and I will stop at nothing to achieve these set goals.  They hardly ever come easy and some take time and I suppose there is one relating to triathlon that has taken many years.  My incredible wife, Sharon, wrote an article on Facebook after I completed Xiamen, about how she is a firm believer that ‘life is a journey and not a destination’.


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