Racing with a smile, 2 Ironmans in 6 weeks – by Lucie Zelenkovann n n n 10/31/2016n nn n n n 0 Commentsn nn n Part 1 – Ironman SwedenWell Ironman Sweden was unplanned, planned race. I think I had already entered the race in March this year. It was a race which was always on my bucket list and this year was PERFECT YEAR TO TICK THIS off the list.But…… I then did Ironman Brazil in the May and it didn’t go anything like how  I wanted it to. I had bad day all round. Race day the weather was miserable – pouring with the rain and I just simply didn’t enjoy the race at all. The last thing on my mind was doing another Ironman soon, so Sweden was forgotten.  All I wanted was bit of break, maybe late season Ironman? (I can’t finish my career on such a low) but definitely didn’t relish the thought of training through the South African winter.


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