Kona Diaries Part 3: Race Week – By Rob Heath.nn n n n 10/10/2016n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n The last few days have been very busy with activities and getting ready for the race. Then the exhibitors have taken over large parts of the town with some of the kit in the triathlon world. And we’ve had our first few official athletes event.​Race week:Training wise, I’ve managed to tick on okay. There are some slight niggles that always seem to work their way into your system come race week. Some are genuine and will probably pass in a few days, but often they are manifestations of nerves, stress, intimidation or just demons in your head. Sitting on the beach, or overlooking the lava fields (whatever suits) is a nice way to get you focused. Talking expo and gear, I thought I’d include a little bit about what I’m taking into the race and why. This may be a bit boring for those wanting to hear about palm trees and turtles, but it may be of relevance for those wanting to race in or get to Kona. I’ve included this section down at the bottom.


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