The race felt way bigger than me – a champions account of racing at Short Course World Championships, by Kim Doveynn n n n 10/3/2016n nn n n n 2 Commentsn nn n ​Yup, for the first time in yonks, the race felt way bigger than me. I’ve been happy with a lot of results in the past but on this day I was completely overwhelmed and incapable of keeping It together. Thankfully I was in good company and we yelled and screamed and acted completely crazy in a momentary relapse of pure excitement and joy.A win at the world championships was incomprehensible. It has been a long time of wishing, hoping, training, fatigue, disappointment and patience to reach this moment in my triathlon journey. I knew that taking a gap last year, under the advisement of coach, was the right thing to do. The focus was to do a few longer races and stepping away from the standard distance. I’m not a fan of anything longer than a 2:30hr race. I think everyone I train with knows this. The long stuff chokes me and bored me. But, none the less I followed the plan. When SA Short course champs arrived I was excited to race and soon enough the passport and air tickets to the magical Island of Cozumel, Mexico were ready.


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