This ones for the coach – by IM AG Winner Garron Mosleynn n n n 9/22/2016n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n This ones for the coachBeen on the Big (Small) Island of a week now. We’ve been working hard since Ironman South Africa but the last 12 week block has been very focused. Travelling for 38 hours with an early 3am start, 3 flights and landing on the other side of the world on the same day is never easy. Training started the next day but we eased into the island for the first few days. Just another aspect of Lucie’s experience.I’ve been working with Lucie since 2013 just before IM South Africa. Her exact words were she could do nothing for me on that Ironman but if I gave her 18 months she’d get me to Kona.


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