​Learning to believe in yourself.. – By Di Kelwaynn n n n 6/22/2016n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n My journey to Durban 70.3 was very mixed…I arrived in Durban with a huge amount of self-doubt. I was not convinced I could do the race. I knew I could do the individual distances but not all together.  As people around me got more and more excited I got more nervous – I definitely was not caught up in the excitement of the whole event – actually I got worse as the race got closer. If it was not for a very supportive husband (Chris) and the TriFactri team members I would really have struggled to get to the starting block.About two years ago I was diagnosed with a severe anxiety disorder as a result of specific events in my life. I was in and out of hospital with a very strict diet, and different Drs’ trying a variety of medications until I was finally diagnosed and treated accordingly. Being somewhat stubborn and having a strong mind I decided during the middle of last year I no longer wanted to be on strong daily medication and I that would try and manage my anxiety myself. Up until Durban I hadn’t really been in a situation where I could properly test my ability to manage my anxiety disorder……. I FAILED. I failed so badly that it very nearly ruined my whole race experience.


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