“I wasn’t trying to swim anymore, I was trying to survive.” – A brutally honest account of Ironman 70.3 by Lucie Zelenkovann n n n 6/22/2016n nn n n n 3 Commentsn nn n Thinking about 70.3 Durban there are two separate elements for me.​The first one, the one of Trifactri coach was time spent building up to the start. The weekend spent with my team, team warm up and pre-race dinner. Lots of nervous messages and last minute advice. There was no time to think about my own race but that was something I knew would be the case before I entered. I entered this race because I knew I would be in Durban to support all the Trifactri athletes and that I would feel sad not to be racing on the beautiful Durban 70.3 course. I went to this race not worrying about the outcome but going there being excited to see efforts rewarded of everyone racing, from our top guys to half Ironman virgins. Atmosphere in the team didn’t disappoint. There was lot of laughs, nerves and amazing spirit. I loved every moment of it.


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