“OH SH*T I AM WITH THE BIG BOYS NOW!” – by Janine Blomkernn n n n 5/18/2016n nn n n n 0 Commentsn nn n Can I get a blog from you? A question I have never been asked before but have been asked twice in the last two days! Writing has never been my forte but I will tell my story the best I can!So lets start at the beginning – Months of training, early mornings, long rides, intense pool sessions and generally just hectic training sessions day in and day out – But would this all pay off? Would I finish? How long would it take me? Would my foot injury hold out? All questions racing through my mind every single time I thought about the race. It did, it all paid off.  Janine, yes, beginner Janine, here I am.. but as of the past weekend, as Luc would say, no longer a beginner. I took part in the Sun City ultra this past weekend – My very first one! And yes, I managed to somehow cross that finish line!


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