The Power of the Group – by Kim Doveynn n n n 5/13/2016n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n The power of team work in an individual sport is something so precious. It doesn’t happen often enough for me. My schedule usually finds me doing many of my sessions on my own, but there are two sessions in the week when I immerse myself in the “group”. It is when I get to run in harmony with track team mates or push a long sweet stretch of tar side by side on the bike with sweat sitting on the front edge of my helmet.When it’s over we laugh at the fact that we did it and did it well, or console that it was shitty but so much better to have hated it with company. It’s special for the words of encouragement received as you ache to the end of a set that has left you lagging, or the “come on – push to the line – you are looking strong” that you say to those who need it.


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