Plans don’t always work out  –  by Kona Qualifier, Rob Heathnn n n n 4/22/2016n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n It’s been difficult to put a race report together for my Ironman at the African Championships last week. The outcome seems to have overshadowed the race itself. I’ve been playing this game for a few years now and been following Ironman racing for a lot longer. After a few disappointments, and some time away I wanted a special last Ironman.  My plan was to finish my career and have a race that I would be proud of. No expectations, no time, no place, no goals. Our age group is insanely competitive. At least 5 top athletes from Trifactri alone, add a few sub-9 hour finishers, then half of Europe and the usual mix of strong Saffa’s, making a top 20 place is a great result. So no expectation or pressure to place well… just a plan to perform in my last race.


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