Anything is Possible by IRONMAN 2016 AG Winner – Garron Mosleynn n n n 4/21/2016n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n My greatest motivation has always come from failure. Going back to September last year, Ironman Mallorca was that failure. It was humbling to put in a good performance but still be totally blown away by the European competition.Lucie, Andrea and I discussed a winter training plan to overcome firstly my shortcomings on the bike and secondly a programme that would include mostly (what turned out to be a complete) indoor winter. The other main goal was to race at 65kg’s, considering I’d raced Kona at about 72kg’s this was going to be a challenge without losing power.During October I invested in tests, equipment and software to ensure each and every session would be tracked and analysed. During November, December and the first half of January I trained. I worked hard but allowed myself to enjoy my training. Sessions were moved around to fit my day to day and work travelling. I’d say 90% of the sessions were completed but I never stressed if I missed one or had to cut one short. Time was spent training with Andrea, swimming with the club and running a few off road lanes. Basically I loved training.


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