Steady Desi, steady…Ironman PE 2016  –  By Kona Qualifier Desi Dickinsonnn n n n 4/19/2016n nn n n n 3 Commentsn nn n I’ve been asking myself what it is about this Ironman thing that keeps me wanting more…?After Kona last year, I entered a bit of a no-man’s-land (so many people told me this would happen), I didn’t rest enough but I couldn’t stop training. I was nursing a hip injury and a knee that would hurt on and off right up to race day. The worst part is that I kept most of this from Lucie just in case she stopped updating my Training Peaks (really!?). In January I ended up at my physio, Julia Witt, somewhat over-trained, stressed about starting a new career and not quite sure what was next for me with regard to triathlon. At this point I wasn’t running as my hip was too sore. In our first session she asked me, “Why are you beating yourself with this big stick?” and I know this sounds weird but I began a journey with her where we got to understand how my body works, but more importantly how my mind works and what are the things that drive me both positively and negatively.


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