Ironman: The Big Daddy  –  by James Curtinnn n n n 4/19/2016n nn n n n 1 Commentn nn n The morning began with a final stop in at transition to do the last little things that needed to be done before the race. My bike and transition bags were set and ready. At this stage I was feeling fairly calm with a few butterflies in the stomach. Being around the Trifactri group also helped settle the nerves and kept me smiling. We slipped into our wet-suits, said our final goodbyes and headed down to line up in the starting pens. The swim went off smoothly; the rolling starts really do allow a pleasant experience in the water. The sea was fairly calm and I enjoy swimming up and down in the swells. After a very long drag along the shore with an endless amount of yellow bouys, the turn around bouy was in sight. The sea on the way back wasn’t as pleasant as heading out, but still quite an enjoyable. Finally it was the last turn around and I was heading back to the beach. Running out the water I felt great and was satisfied with the time which I had completed the swim. ​


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