The curse of Sasolburg? – by Alex Eliottnn n n n 3/3/2016n nn n n n 0 Commentsn nn n ​In the run-up to my first ever Ironman I knew i had to complete an ultra distance event. For time reasons it had to be the Prestige Ultra in Sasolburg on 28 Feb. The fact it was reputed to be a flat course was not irrelevant to my decision tree! I was looking forward to travelling down with Eugene and his girlfriend Shannon. However Huge fell ill shortly after the monster Sunday set of 30 x 800m and was forbidden by coach Lucie to race. So Shannon decided not to race either. One down.Then on Wednesday at track i heard that Karl and Gareth were going to do the sprint event. Phew. So at least i would have some Trifactri peeps on the scene. Had a bad couple of days of sleep and was not feeling great.


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