SA Time Trial Champs – by Jodi Zulberg, SA Champnn n n n 2/11/2016n nn n n n 2 Commentsn nn n ​SA Time trial champs, first time, new experience, new rules and new people. Thinking I can justpack up my tri suit and my bike and arrive at the start line to ride a measly 24km. Boy was I wrong!The day before the race we go to register and they ask me for my licence, and I proudly give themmy drivers licence. They look at me and say no, we need the your cycling licence. Fail #1.Then I proudly present my Pinnarello Bolide to the official and he says ‘ you can not ride this. Ieither have to move my saddle back 5cm or move my extensions back 2cm. After much debating,pushing and pulling, one genius Mcgyver fixed my bike, moved my extensions back and fitted intothe 75cm range. Fail # 2.


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