My last year’s season ended up only in December and I needed long break after that. I did almost nothing for four weeks, except occasional runs now and then. We went to Czech Republic to enjoy European Christmas with my parents and my sister. And I had awesome time there. Nothing can beat proper Czech Christmas with all those homemade cookies and Gluhwine at Christmas Market. Just all this eating and drinking meant that I was carrying bit of extra weight and missing some fitness.But still, I couldn’t miss 70,3 East London. It was my 9th time racing there and I always enjoy whole weekend and experience with my athletes and friends. It wasn’t just a race for me; it was road trip to East London from Joburg, team dinner, team warm up, race and after race activities – yes, famous after party at BuccaneersMy first race of the season is done. Not a result I wanted but still glad I went.It itself wasn’t great. As pro ladies we had separate start – 5minutes behind pro men and 10minutes ahead of all age groupers. nn n Read Moren nn n Read More


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